A traveling memorial dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of all who answer our Nation's call


"So much shame, guilt, sadness, anger, and regret were laid on those shoulders. From someone who understands the battle and has lost someone to the invisible wounds of war, I feel that every single veteran needs to experience this tribute. It was a safe place to engage in something that many are experiencing, but no one wants to talk about. Interacting with other Veterans fighting the [The Silent Battle] was every bit as impactful as experiencing the bronze sculpture itself. It helped me take a huge step toward healing. It was not only what I was able to release on those shoulders, but more importantly what I was able to receive from those shoulders. We are in this together and no one has to fight their battle alone."

"I've been waiting forty-eight years  for this release. I've been carrying this burden so long and when I touched Silent Battle, with my brothers around me, I finally felt it release."